Wish You Were Here

The older gentleman is saying, “There were at least thirty fireflies around my balcony. They seem to prefer some cover.” “Don’t we all,” Cleo thinks…”

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A Good Melon

“I lifted a good-looking cantaloupe, thumped, and declared it ripe. Handing it to her, our forefingers touched, a synapse across which our hungers leapt. In that melon-moment, I knew Nan was needy. I also knew I wanted to rescue her.”

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Becoming Burning

“Lily’s unlatching her life, severing ties. Cable canceled, library fines paid, subscriptions stopped, last letters mailed. Lily is finishing – everything.”

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From the book

Fierce Wounded Things

Published by Fallible House
Illustrated by Abigail Jennings
Photography by Laura Riley